Count Talking Metronome

. Windows8 New UI free software. Latest version : V1.0.0.0

. Count Talking Metronome announce time by voice and sound.
. Counting three sets rhythm at the same time is able.


. Please go to "Windows Store"

How to use

Start and Stop

  1. If the "STAR/STOP" frame were tapped, start or stop counting.

Change the BPM

  1. BPM will be changed by moving the center weight upward or downward.
  2. If arrow displayed area was swiped , BPM will be changed.
  3. If arrow displayed area was tapped , BPM will be changed one by one.

Change the rhythm

  1. Select number in the "Rhythm" area in bottom application bar

Change the beat sound

  1. Change radio button in the "Beat Sound" area in the bottom application bar

Adjust sound timing

  1. If the timing of the lamp and beat sound shifts, adjust timing by "Adjust sound timing" in the top application app bar.


. V1.0.0 - Release 1 (24 Feb 2014)